Pipeline & portfolio optimization

At Trinity, we’ve established best practices to help maximize pipeline and portfolio assets.

Practice area overview

Working together on pipeline issues, we’ve helped our clients realize real benefits, including optimizing resources (money, time, and people), managing risk, recognizing and taking advantage of new opportunities, and creating vision for the future by “seeing around corners.

Our experience

From pre-clinical to phase IV development, our experience spans primary and specialty care, devices, and diagnostics.

Types of engagements

We’ve successfully optimized pipeline assets through a variety of innovative approaches:

  • Determining and prioritizing therapeutic indications for clinical and commercial development
  • Crafting target product profiles and comparing them to current and emerging gold standard treatments
  • Assessing market landscapes for new opportunities, including in-depth assessment of unmet needs
  • Quantitatively determining optimal resource allocation between various pipeline options
  • Monitoring competition
  • Positioning through strategic assessments and early commercial input